functionalities of the Gardens ERP system

B2B Gardens adapted to the needs of companies

Gardens Portal B2B is a solution for companies that want to develop their relationships with business customers through online trading.

Thanks to the integration of the B2B portal with other Gardens system applications, the Internet can be used more effectively as a sales, marketing and customer support channel. B2B application is created based on ASP.NET and HTML.
At the customer’s request we can prepare a freely operating B2B in ASP.NET technology cooperating directly with the Gardens ERP system database. The Gardens system guarantees the consistency of data (e.g. commercial conditions, settlements, price lists) and the speed of launch and operation. Gardens Portal B2B solution includes an extensive functionality of orders entered into the web application, as well as an extensive promotional system for wholesale customers.

The most important functions available in Gardens Portal B2B:

  1. Product range.
    Easy navigation through the product catalog, which is organized by category, assortment, brand, etc. Speed of product search thanks to the possibility to sort the product list and search engine. Product offer enriched with photos and attachments in the form of files (pdf, excel).

  2. Customization of the offer
    The store’s offer can be adapted to selected customers or groups of customers. After registering and logging in you can see, for example, selected product catalogs and the price list assigned to a given group of customers with the possibility of displaying prices after a discount.

  3. Sales orders
    The following order categories are possible:
     – partial delivery, where each line may have a different expected delivery date
    – the whole order waits until all the lines are available. The delivery date for all lines will always be the same
    – only available quantities, it is a partial realization, the rest of the order (for inaccessible quantities is cancelled).

  4. Several baskets
    Possibility to implement support for more than one shopping cart and storage. It is possible to move goods between baskets and clipboards.

  5. Sales reports by product groups
    The service may provide the possibility of reporting specific sales periods according to any product group. In addition, it displays a patch showing the history of billing of issued invoices and payments with the possibility to search for an invoice paired with a given payment and vice versa.

  6. Settlements
    The service can provide a list of open settlements, as well as the history of all transactions with the possibility to see historical invoice positions. Possibility to display sales invoices with overdue payment dates.

  7. Inventory / Product availability
    The assortment list may but not have to include the exact stock of goods. It is possible for the system to show only two values: there is or there is no goods in the warehouse. It is possible to divide into types of warehouses, e.g. central and local.

  8. Price lists
    Possibility to browse the list of available assortment with prices without promotion and with promotional prices with the possibility to see data defining a given promotion.

  9. Order statuses
    Sent, Confirmed, In execution, Completed, Partially executed with the date of placing and executing the order.

  10. Tracking of shipments
    The system may have a connection with the courier company website and show the current status of the shipment.

  11. Complaints
    You can provide your Partners or Customers with the functionality to enter complaints – thanks to this you can further speed up the process.

  12. Current information and messages
    The service should make available messages, information about promotions and planned deliveries to the donor’s centre warehouse. Messages should also be delivered by means of electronic letters.

  13. History of transactions
    The user has access to the history of his transactions – orders placed and invoices received with the possibility of filtering, e.g. after the sale date or payment date.

  14. Help and Contact module
    The user has access to technical support through the store’s regulations, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), sending an e-mail using the form and a telephone conversation with a selected person from a given department.

  15. Full integration with Gardens ERP system.
    Synergy effect; more effective use of B2B portal as a sales, marketing and customer support channel.

Benefits of using Gardens Portal B2B application:
⦁  Increased sales of goods and services
⦁  New distribution and marketing channel
⦁  Reduction of sales process handling costs
⦁  Reaching new customers
⦁  Reducing the involvement of the customer service department
⦁  Comprehensive and automated handling of the entire sales process – from product presentation to invoicing

Gardens B2B up close