Training services

We offer our Clients and Partners training course services in order to explore the opportunities given by the system. Training courses include general training, functionality training and developer courses.

Training course for Clients

During and after the implementation, we offer our Clients a package of training courses for Users. We are open to the needs of our system operators, so the schedule is set individually, depending on demand.

Implementation training course 

The course is intended for partners having basic experience in the implementation of business software. The aim of the training is to obtain skills that enable you manage and complete ERP implementation projects successfully in middle-sized companies. The following topics are included into the training program:

  • General information on system functionalities: 6 standard scenarios of ERP Eden 3.0
  • Methodology of the ERP platform implementation 
  • The setup of standard ERP Eden 3.0 areas such as Fixed Assets, Trade, Project Management, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Warehouse Management System,
  • Implementation activities: data imports, data templates, personalisation.

Development training courses

The course is intended for partners who are interested in the development and customisation of the ERP platform for their customers or want to build their own solutions. The following topics are included into the training program:

  • Gardens Application Model (GAM)
  • IDE Gardens
  • CASE MDE tool: requirement notation, structural project, generating application model
  • Sample process modifications

Sales course

The training course is intended for sales partners. It provides an overview of standard process scenarios, implementation methodology and basic communication procedures for the ERP platform.