Maintenance Management System


Gardens Maintence Management System enables maximising machine and device efficiency by using preventive maintenance actions. The applicationinvolves all staff members from all department and organisational levels, it motivates people to use machines and devices carefully and uses the activity of individual workers and small teams.

Market challenges

  • Elimination of downtimes and minimization the cost of failures
  • Maintenance service support for service, maintenance and outsourcing company
  • Help with company adjustment to requirements of the Machinery Directive (documentation required)
  • Maintenance of machinery and equipment in proper performance
  • Maximization of machinery  and equipment efficiency
  • Motivation for people to take care of machinery and equipment

Key features

  • Freedom of configuration
  • Register of machinery and equipment
  • Management of notifications and service orders
  • Management of facilities and service equipment
  • Periodic plan of inspections – monthly, quarterly and annual
  • Budgeting and costing


  •  History of all repairs, maintenance and replacement on each machine
  • Instant access to information on replacement, repair and maintenance costs
  • Ensuring the quality of equipment as required
  • Ensuring worksafety
  • Increase quality of tasks
  • Minimizing the cost of maintenance

Main tools

  • Notification of the impending review – customer panel – B2B
  • Possibility of failure reporting – customer panel – B2B
  • Information about technical condition of equipment – reports from repairs
  • History of the incurred costs
  • Reports from periodical overhauls, repairs and renovations
  • Permanent access to the attachments of the device, such as: user manual, operation and maintenance documentation, cross-sectional and demonstrative illustrations, collating data, photos
  • Maintenance contracts (invoicing, pricing of services, replacement schedules, operation calendars)