Manufacturing Execution System


Gardens Manufacturing Execution System enables the company respond to changing customer requirements quickly and flexibly.  Manual Planning permits, in case of specific requirements, to change production orders and related material requirements. The application includes a set of tools for comprehensive production management – from planning, through its execution and settlement, to reporting for management.

Market challenges

  • Flexible production planning
  • Optimization of resources and materials use
  • Comprehensive access to current information
  • Production reporting
  • Control of stock level
  • Better customer service

Key features

  • Freedom of configuration
  • Production processes sceanarios
  • Resources and production orders management
  • Demand management
  • Control of resource planning
  • Manual planning – to change the production orders


  • Flexibility of planning reflected in the total use of MPS and MRP potential with manual adjustment
  • Improving the quality of customer service through the graphical tools of production control
  • Permanent improvement of production efficiency through control of materials and resources
  • Access to current and reliable information

Main tools

  • Graphic schedules of production orders
  • Production register
  • Graphic diagram of resource efficiency
  • Demand sheets for materials and products
  • Automatic accounting of consumption
  • Technological cards
  • User-friendly desktop – graphs, charts, diagrams, statement