functionalities of the Gardens ERP system

Business intelligence application in Gardens ERP

Gardens Software has expanded its integrated ERP solutions with a new area which is Business Intelligence. Gardens BI is another advanced business tool based on multidimensional analytical mechanisms, enabling comprehensive management of the company and its resources at the highest level. Thanks to innovative solutions used in the integrated GAM development environment, the instruments used in the BI application support the decision-making process in all functional areas of the company. This allows to standardize and process large amounts of data from many sources.
In addition to the standard presentation in the form of tables and charts, the application also enables a graphical presentation of data directly from Gardens ERP with the drag & drop function. This intuitive way of obtaining information provides insight into the company’s activities in different cross-sections and at different levels of detail, from the general public to the detail, thus providing fast, complete and reliable knowledge. Data for reports and charts is fed by Gardens ERP, which guarantees easy and quick editing. This tool provides the desired reports, forecasts and predicted trends in the form of modern visual forms.