Project Management


Gardens Project Management (Gardens PM) is an integrated tool for management of projects and intellectual resources in the company. The system supports a work planning, a total analysis of the availability of resources and the process of budgeting and settlement of the projects. It provides current information of the company status in several sections.

Market challenges

  • Integration of the projects with strategic and operational objectives
  • Optimal use of the company resources in many projects
  • Making the right decisions at the right time
  • Change management
  • Operation in accordance with established rules and procedures
  • Planning and control of the budgets of ongoing projects
  • Analysis of the profitability
  • Effective management of the availability and flow of information

 Key features

  • Freedom of configuration
  • Many projects at the same time
  • Management of the company’s resources
  • Time management
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of on-going projects
  • Full control over the activities carried out by project teams
  • Web Server – online integration with Windows and Mac platforms
  • Native tasks integration performed by employees in the projects with their daily activity in connection with their position
  • Through integration with other  Gardens ERP modules, the ability to coordinate all activities and use of the available information from modules such as Sales & Distribution, HRM, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, etc.
  • Integrated workflow engine
  • Integration  with MS Outlook


  • Total control over projects, orders and tasks
  • Total view of the profitability of projects through the management of working time    
  • Automated customer satisfaction survey
  • Contact with customers through the Web page (access to the status of orders for each customer)

Main tools

  • Executive desktop
  • Schedules of activities
  • Predefined and customized reports  of  the project
  • Human resource s files
  • Teamwork calendars
  • Analysis of the timeliness of  the project implementation
  • Analysis of expenses and / or costs and profitability of projects