Pre-implementation services

The aim of the ERP system  implementation is to increase company operation effectiveness. For this to happen, it is necessary to conduct a proper analysis of business processes…

The analysis is an integral part of the implementation. It allows to:

  • what are the expectations of the company,
  • which areas of the company require special support
  • business objectives and measures of their realization.

The basic value of the analysis is reliable information, that let quickly and easily identify, in which areas you can use standard solutions, and in which specially selected tools will be needed.

Good analysis allows you to:

  • optimization of business processes
  • determine the method of the company’s strategy implementation
  • planning the optimal use of system capabilities
  • getting the users’ satisfaction of working with the system
  • completion of the implementation work on time
  • maintenance the costs of implementation at the planned level
  • minimizing difficulties for the company during the implementation   

The stages of pre-implementation analysis:

I. Stage of initial state:

  1. Analysis of business processes and their requirements
  2. Determination the extent of modification
  3. Initial Design and Deployment
  4. Determination of the time-consuming of particular Desing and Deployment and the stages of implementation
  5. Identify of threats  and determination of their impact on the implementation
  6. Determination of requirements related to the implementation of applications
  7. Decision of the scope of integration with other systems
  8. Definition of the responsibilities of the parties at each stage
  9. Identify related projects and their priorities

II Stage of goals determination:

  1. Definition of implementation goal
  2. Determination of the scope of implemetation
  3. Determination of the stages
  4. Determination of implementation organization
  5. Determination of the measures of project
  6. Arrangement of implementation schedule
  7. Determination of the implementation budget

Components of pre-implementation analysis:

I Direct result of the analysis:

  • Functional Requirement Document

Documentation standard of requirements analysis. Usually created in the doc. format. It containes customer requirements and suggestions for their implementation (solution). The document is used to describe business processes.

  • GAP/FIT Analysis

Documentation standard of requirements analysis. Usually created in the Excel spreadsheet. It contains requirements and solutions defined in the FRD document together with the estimated  time-consuming of work. This format is convenient to determine the scope and budget of the implementation.

II Indirect result of the analysis are the documents:

  • The Implementation schedule,
  • The budget of implementation.

And what if there is no pre-implementation analysis?

  • system will not be an effective support for management,
  • there is a high risk of exceeding the scheduled time or budget,
  • scope of work can be incorrectly defined and the system does not meet expectations,
  • the necessity of introducing a large number of modifications (time and costs),
  • implementation may turn out to be inadequate to the needs of the company

Well performed pre-impelemtation analysis let You avoid the dissappointment of the situation, when after implemetation tool doesn’t fulfill its role.