Consulting services

Consulting services

Gardens-Software as the consulting services offer the possibility to analyze company business processes in terms of the possibility of their optimization.

The main scope of analysis includes:

  1. Optimization of cash management
  2. Improving the profitability of business
  3. Introduction of modifications in the market strategy
  4. Introduction of modifications in the organization of business.

The business analysis process consists of three stages:

  1. Definition of a strategic direction of the activities.
  2. Development of an optimal solution tailored to individual needs and bringing measurable benefits.
  3. Supervision and implementation of the changes.

The business expert team consists of people with business experience in managing large companies, including companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, managing projects, including improving profitability and reducing costs and having experience in working in audit companies from so called “Big Four”.

Through the Consulting Services we help our Clients in achieving business excellence and competitive advantage.