DMS & Workflow


DMS & Workflow is a a tool for efficient document management and proper information flow in the company. One of the key success factors of any company is efficient document management and proper information flow. Gardens DMS and Workflow application manages both internal and external documents and provides access to historical information (data archiving) as well as real time.

Market challenges
Efficient control of work and information flow in the company,
Standardization, automation and control of company document management activities
Making the right decisions at the right time.

Key features
Possibility of defining processes – activities in accordance with the adopted rules and procedures of conduct in the company
Thanks to the integration with other Gardens ERP modules, it is possible to coordinate all activities and use available information with other system modules, e.g. CRM.
Full configuration freedom
Support for different file formats and document types
Security and confidentiality of information stored in documents.

Increasing the efficiency of the company,
Systemization of business processes and their control,
Reduction of costs connected with the current activity of the company,
Arranging the flow of documents and information in the company.

Main tools

Defining document workflow,
Defining permissions on particular levels,
Acceptance of documents,
Tracking the status of acceptance of individual documents,
Support for different file formats and document types.