functionalities of the Gardens ERP system

Video monitoring

Gardens WMS module has been enhanced by the integration with digital CCTV system. Integration provides visual monitoring of key moments of the WMS processes, which are directly accessible and controlled from the Gardens system. Searching and reviewing of films related to the packaging of a particular item is performed automatically, based on data collected by the WMS module. It is possible to save image or part of a video directly in the system.

Description of some selected features of WMS Gardens. WMS Gardens is an extension of a standard warehouse management solution. Due to its complete integration, it provides instant order status information to e.g. a sales department. In connection with a multilevel goods reservation, it allows you to plan your sales policy freely. The preciseness of WMS procedures ensures a detailed registration of movement, receipt and shipment, including the warehouse using WMS, as well as the detailed registration of inventory levels and movements on shelves and racks defined in a warehouse map. A user-friendly interface based on the touch-pad screens of hand-held terminals and bar code identification of goods, locations and parcels, facilitates and automates your warehouse activities. The definable warehouse map makes the system suitable for large standard high storage warehouses and small warehouses with irregular warehouse surfaces. Due to the open architecture of Gardens, non-standard functionalities can be easily implemented in order to enhance the quality of warehouse processes and provide new management and control methods in a warehouse. 

One such method involves the integration of electronic scales with the process of completion and shipment of goods. The link between scales results, shipped weight data and a selected parcel ensures:


  •  Additional verification of a packed parcel – if there is a weight discrepancy between a weighted parcel and actual total goods weight, the warehouse man receives an alert and the parcel is verified before shipment – the lack of errors at shipment
  • Information on the actual weight of parcels which enables you to select the cheapest logistic service for a specific order – reduced transportation costs
  • Shipment weight registered precisely which enables you to perform a more reliable analysis of global weights and capacity for real needs estimation. Such analyses support the process of negotiating transportation agreements – improved logistics planning


Additionally, system integration provides another interesting function i.e. the link between the WMS module and video security system. In this case, each workplace is equipped with a security camera and the system monitors the exact work time of a warehouse worker and his/her workplace. It enables you to:


1.  Play the following videos in Gardens:


  •  Packing an item for a specific order.
  • Packing a parcel for a specific order.
  • The whole process of order packing (all parcels).


Improved monitoring of warehouse staff, instant access to specific videos without time-consuming video search on a separate Video server.


2.  Save a selected video into a file and show the video to a customer e.g. if the customer submits a complaint. It also provides evidence in disputes on parcel damage for a logistic partner – faster resolution of disputes.


Examples of Video integration.

1. When viewing the packing video for a selected order, it is possible to search for a specific item and indicate it.

2. Additional video actions such as saving a freeze frame.

3. Saving a video into a file, possibility to accept a film, select file parameters.

 4. Open a film in a standard video browser.