GardensAM development environment

GardensERP system

Functional areas of Gardens ERP system

Full range of products for the most demanding users of ERP systems

• Sales & Distribution (S&D)
• CustomerRelationship Management (CRM)
• Business Network Management (BNM)
• Project Management (PM)
• Human Resources Management  (HRM)
• Accounting & Finance (A&F)
• Management Information System (MIS)
• WEB & Mobile Solutions
• Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
• Maintenance Management System (MMS)
• Warehouse Management System (WMS)
• Financial Consolidation (FC)
• Investor Relations Management (IRM)
• Treasury & Risk Management (TRM)
• Internal Audit & Controls (IA&C) 

A proposal for a ready-made configuration of the ERP system with the possibility of future development

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  • Rodo
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The offer includes 10 basic functional modules:

  1. Finance& Bookkeeping, Accountancy, Fixed Assets
  2. Sales, Purchases, Warehouse, Distribution
  3. CRM
  4. Assembly/Completion
  5. Primary production
  6. Human resources & Payroll Management
  7. B2B Portal
  8. BI Analysis
  9. Workflow
  10. Project Management