functionalities of the Gardens ERP system

Integration of Gardens ERP with courier companies

Challenges for today’s entrepreneurs are as diverse and unique as the companies that face them. With this in mind, we have created a dedicated and flexible system solution that allows all companies cooperating with logistics operators to significantly speed up and optimize the forwarding of shipments.
Each courier company requires a shipment registration in its application. The functionality of the Gardens ERP system’s collaboration module with the courier company’s software enables the registration of parcel specifications for external issue documents, Wz or sales documents.
It is possible to divide the rights to handle shipments between individual departments, e.g. the sales department, where it is possible to generate specifications of parcels for sales invoices and to register information on services related to shipment and the warehouse, where the specification of parcels is supplemented with information, i.e. weight of the shipment and number of parcels, acceptance (approval) of specifications of parcels with generation of parcel numbers, printing of parcel labels until the generation and printing of the return receipts.

The standard module of cooperation between Gardens ERP and the courier company software includes the following functions:

  1. Automation of the creation of waybills containing information that refers to:
    ⦁ packaging method (number and type of parcels, their weight, use of pallets/EuroPallets);
    ⦁ customer orders (delivery address data, download value, insurance value, additional services, content description) together with generating a file sent to the courier company;

  2. Automatic downloading of the waybill number from the courier company and marking of orders in Gardens ERP system with this number;

  3. Automatic COD settlements (cash collection) in the financial module of the system, to which the specification is imported directly;

  4. Call up the printout of the waybill, printout of labels for parcels, generation and printout of the receipt document;

  5. From the level of a given order it is possible to automatically call up a website showing the tracking of a particular shipment;

  6. Optimization of the selection of the courier company based on the settings of transport conditions for a given courier.

    Thanks to the integration with the courier company, shipment numbers, waybills and shipment release documents are automatically assigned. Serial address printouts are also quickly realized. The Gardens system ensures full availability of information with one data input into the system. Thanks to the integration, instead of re-entering the data in the courier company’s application, it is enough to download it from the Gardens ERP system.

    To meet the expectations of customers, Gardens ERP allows you to measure the effectiveness of the process of optimizing shipping costs and the level of timely delivery. The integration module enables a quick comparison of shipping costs, taking into account all courier companies cooperating with the enterprise, without the need to enter data into the courier applications several times. With a comparable quality of service, a selected courier company offering the lowest cost of service is recommended. Each time all the shipping options are priced and the cheapest service is suggested. At the order level, it is possible to calculate additional costs associated with transport, which allows the trader in the sales module to select the most optimal courier for the types of parcels assigned to the order.

Benefits :
⦁ Reduction of transport costs,
⦁ Reducing the time of the shipment order execution,
⦁ Elimination of manual data entry,
⦁ Collecting all data in one consistent system,
⦁ Increased efficiency of logistics services in the company,
⦁ Optimization of the selection of courier companies (selection of the cheapest service based on price lists and service availability tables),
⦁ Scalability – thanks to the application with its own development platform and built-in implementation mechanisms, it is possible to extend the Gardens ERP system with further functional modules.