Sales, Purchasing & Distribution


Gardens Sales & Distribution (Gardens S&D) is one of the main areas of functionality of Gardens ERP system. It provides an excellent management in the area of Warehouse, Purchases and Sales. Suggested solutions should accelerate and facilitate operational process in the company.  


Market challenges

  • Optimization of the decisions in the management of inventory, purchases and sales
  • Planning and control of the budgets
  • Advanced tools for the implementation of the marketing policy
  • Maintaining of market share
  • Increase sales
  • Assessment of sales effectiveness (KPI)

 Key features

  • Freedom of configuration
  • Multi-dimensional assortment classification
  • Strict control of prices and margins, including various currencies
  • Sales channels management
  • Pre-selling
  • Bill of materials (BOM) management
  • Purchase policy features
  • Co-ordination of all sales, distribution and marketing activities
  • Promotions management
  • Integration with CRM
  • Customer Service Support
  • Service of inventory, orders, reservations, discounts, surcharges etc.
  • Financial performance management, controlling, credit control and receivables collection at store
  • Compatible with mobile sales systems
  • Compatibile with WEB sales solutions


  • Increase the efficiency of the sales by providing the necessary information from all over company area
  •  Reducing costs through the customer service supported by online and mobile sales channels
  •  Building relationships with customers
  •  The possibility of effective advertising campaigns for different customer groups

 Main tools

  • All legally and business justified documents and controls
  • Sector specific mechanisms like reservations, deposit stock, returnables settlement, claims and returns, expiry date controls, availability control, etc.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities, including multi-dimensional sales analysis, analysis of price and cost per category and article, price changes control, stock availability etc.
  • Sales budgeting and forecasting features
  • Integration of inventory management and replenishment mechanism with the central promotion and CRM schedule
  • Local promotions management capability
  • Employee work schedules /calendars
  • Extended credit control and receivables colection features
  • Fully customized user interface
  • Automatic communication features e.g. email or SMS sales and margin report
  • Automatic replication of data with central system
  • On-line stores, B2B ordering portal