Business Network Management


Gardens Business Network Management (Gardens BNM) is a fully scalable solution that gives many opportunities to both large and local business networks. Designed for business networks, where centralized management is essential. The application in its basic structure contains a developed mechanisms of analyses and decision support. The application consists of following modules: Central, Sales, Purchases & Replenishment, Partner, Inventory and Warehouse.

 Market challenges

  • Efficient functioning of all entities in partner network
  • Reduction of the network operating costs
  • Optimization of business decisions made by the Central
  • Efficient management of sales and customer service for all Partners
  • Monitoring of the entities from the partner network
  • Automation of the processes in the network

 Key features

  • Developed analysis of the mechanisms and support of the business decisions throughout  the partner network
  • Application flexibility that enables adjustment to the requirements and susceptibility to network changes
  • Scalable application’s solutions enabling the use in both large and local partner network
  • Application includes following modules: Central, Sales, Purchase and Replenishment, Partner, Inventory and Warehouse
  • Configurable data exchange between the network partners


  • Making optimal business decisions through a multi-dimensional financial analysis
  • Cooperation and exchange of information between the network partners
  • Integration between partners and control of the key business processes in the network
  • Optimal management of promotions in the network

 Main tools

  • Central Module (Price lists, Promotions, Statements, Analyses)
  • Sales Module (sales invoices, price adjustments, RFID technologies, products categories management, web platform, sales analysis, purchasers records, loyalty cards,commercial credits)
  • Purchases & Replenishment Module (Electronic Data Interchange, suppliers records, purchase orders generator, collective purchases)
  • Partner Module (purchasers records, warehouses, goods, points of sale service)
  • Warehouse Module ( Warehouse Documents Management, addressing storage place, optimization of stock replenishment)
  • With the integration of Business Intelligence tools, status of all company can be monitored from a Management Dashboard