WEB & Mobile Solutions


 Gardens Web & Mobile Solutions is an application that has a special B2B platform and mobile sales solutions. Business Portal provides access to any application window in the Internet without additional extention and modification. Mobile solutions streamline the conduct of sales activities. Solutions improve the efficiency of work of sales representatives and enable management staff to monitor the tasks performed   
                                                             by sales reps. Mobile application works with various mobile devices, such as
                                                             notebooks or palmtops.

Market challenges

  • Mobile sales support
  • Reduction of operating sales costs
  • Automation of business processes
  • Time saving
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Fast access to data
  • Customer service via the Internet (Web Portal)

Key features

  • Tasks for sales representatives
  • debt recovery activities
  • Automatic data replication with the central system
  • Developed functionality of orders introduced into web application, as well as developed system of promotions for wholesale customers
  • Record of working time and efficiency of employeesCommon CRM


  • Tasks for sales representatives
  • Increased work efficiency and sales results
  • Improve the level of customer service
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Trade Marketing Support (Planning personalised sales action, collecting information on distribution markets, market share information, product promotions, notifications)
  • Service Support (Solution integrated with the B2B platform)
  • Marketing Support (Possibility to perform surveys, monitoring own product prices, monitoring competition prices, access to marketing deliverables)
  • Merchandising Support (Access to marketing deliverables, possibility to build databases containing information on activities of competition companies, handling loyalty programs, monitoring displays of market competitors)

Main tools

  • Web Portal (settlement, price lists, order statuses, sales reports, sales orders,warehouse inventory, claims and current information and messages)
  • Orders, offers, price lists, contracts, catalogues of goods, messages
  • Modifiable user interface of mobile device
  • Sales analysis
  • Planning and evaluation of the visits
  • Freely customizable reports
  • Serviceman panel