functionalities of the Gardens ERP system

Gardens Document Management System (Gardens DMS) DMS, WORKFLOW

One of the key success factors of any company is efficient document management and proper information flow. Gardens DMS application manages both internal documents concerning cooperation between different functional areas of the company as well as documents coming from outside, such as invoices, letters, e-mails. The system allows companies to archive, distribute, manage and process information. It enables adding a new document, accepting, rejecting and withdrawing it, thus optimizing communication within the company. Gardens DMS provides access to historical information (data archiving) as well as in real time. Gardens ERP system, thanks to its extraordinary flexibility, makes it easy to build advanced, customized document flow management mechanisms for each customer.

The most important functions available in Gardens DMS:

Defining document workflow
The point of reference in defining the document workflow are the procedures defining the way a given document should go, i.e., what are the stages of its handling, who should take care of it and how, and what decides about passing the document to the next phase. The application allows to define permissions on particular levels, e.g. to a working group, a given department or an individual employee. Gardens DMS thanks to an extensive system of access rights to particular groups of documents ensures security and confidentiality of information stored in documents.

Acceptance of documents and their archiving
Gardens DMS contains a list of all pending user documents and a list of already approved documents with the history of their acceptance, approval and entry into the system. By noting the history of changes in correspondence and documents it is possible to precisely reconstruct the work history with each piece of information. Tracking the acceptance status of individual documents provides detailed information on the reasons for their rejection or revocation. The module allows filtering documents according to various criteria and their edition in the system window of Gardens DMS application.

Support for different file formats and document types
The system stores documents in any format, including scanned images, electronic text documents, graphics, e-mails, etc. Each of the documents has a detailed metric specifying basic data such as: document number, date of entry, document type, current level (where the document is located), position and user data. It is possible to preview the original document in pdf format and all attachments of a given document in graphic format (jpg, gif, png) and in pdf.

Integration with the Gardens CRM application and other Gardens ERP system functionalities
Gardens DMS closely cooperates with the Gardens CRM application referring to the common directory of customers and contact persons. This allows for a quick and easy analysis of all correspondence with the selected customer. Cooperation of Gardens DMS module with the CRM system also allows to link the correspondence with the selected event registered in CRM. Due to the fact that Gardens DMS application is a part of the integrated Gardens ERP system, it can use any data registered in the other functional modules of Gardens ERP system for analysis.

Benefits of implementing Gardens DMS application:

  • Increased efficiency of the company
  • Systematization of business processes and possibility of their control
  • Reduction of costs connected with the current activity of the company
  • Arranging the circulation of documents and information in the company

Gardens DMS up close
Document acceptance window in Gardens DMS application